flynas Nas Plans - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nas Plans?

Nas Plans allows you to pay upfront for a set number of flynas flights at a guaranteed price. Different Nas Plans options are available which offer specific routes, number of flights and validity periods to suit the flexibility you need.

Who can purchase a Nas Plan?

A Nas Plan can be purchased by any valid flynas member via

If you are not yet a flynas member, visit our registration page.

How can I use my Nas Plans?

You can view and use your Nas Plans via the Nas Plans web page. Click on “Use my Nas Plan” link located on the menu bar to:

  • Use your Nas Plans credits up to 72 hours before departure
  • Track your Nas Plans usage and booking history
  • Buy another Nas Plans

Which flights can I use my Nas Plan on?

Nas Plans are available for selected flights on the flynas network. Different Nas Plans types offer different route networks. See the details of available passes on for more information.
You can redeem your Nas Plan when at least 1 economy seat is available on your selected flight.

How long is my Nas Plan valid for?

The validity period for a Nas Plan depends on the type of Nas Plan purchased. See the details of available passes on for more information.

Can I extend the expiry date of my Nas Plan?

No, the validity of a Nas Plan cannot be extended.

Is a Nas Plan refundable?

No, your Nas Plan and bookings made with a Nas Plan are non-refundable. No refund, in whole or part, will be issued for unused or forfeited Nas Plans credit.

Can I use my Nas Plan for flights departing after my Nas Plan expires?

Yes, your flight departure can be any date in the future, as long as it is at least 72 hours in advance of the booking date.

How can I change or cancel a Nas Plan booking?

Changes or cancellations of Nas Plan bookings are not permitted.

Will I receive a booking itinerary when I make a reservation with my Nas Plan?

Yes, your booking itinerary will be emailed to the address indicated on completion of your booking.

Why can I not find a flight to book with my Nas Plan?

This may be that flynas do not operate a direct flight on your chosen day, the flight is sold out, or the conditions of your Nas Plan have not been met e.g. advance booking period.

What happens to unused credit if my Nas Plan expires?

Any unused credits at the end of the Nas Plan validity are forfeit and cannot be credited, exchanged or refunded.

Can I book flights on partner airlines using my Nas Plan?

Your Nas Plan can be used only on flynas operated flights and on the route(s) which are indicated by the type of Nas Plan purchased.

Can I book ancillaries for my Nas Plan booking?

Yes, you can select and pay for extras (e.g. meal or extra luggage) by accessing Manage My Booking on

Can I share my Nas Plan with other people?

Nas Plans are designed for one (1) traveller, are non-transferable and can only be used by the designated traveller.

Can I change the name associated to my Nas Plan?

Changes to the Nas Plan owner are not permitted.